Solar Design

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity, but they aren’t the only component of a solar energy system. In order to provide usable electricity for your home, several solar technologies must be fitted seamlessly together. Because of this, strategic solar design is the first step in any successful solar panel installation.  

Element Electric starts every project with a custom solar power system design to ensure your system performs as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are a full-service solar design and engineering company in Dixon, California founded on decades of electrical engineering and solar installation experience.   

Keep reading to learn more about the solar panel design process and what you can expect when installing a solar power system.

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Key Components of a Solar Energy System

There are a few key components in every solar PV system that ensure safe and reliable operation.

  • PV panels – Absorb sunlight and generate DC electricity
  • Solar inverter – Converts unusable DC electricity into usable AC electricity
  • Solar batteries – Store excess solar electricity and provide backup power from brands like Enphase and Tesla Powerwall
  • Charge controller – Regulates voltage and current sent to battery to prevent overcharging
  • Racking system – Secures the panels safely to your rooftop
  • Bidirectional electric meter – Tracks the electricity you take from and export to the grid for net metering

Every solar power system we install is custom-designed to maximize power production and net metering potential. Our solar engineers will analyze your home’s power consumption so we can determine how many panels, inverters, and batteries you need. We’ll also analyze your roof and position your system to receive optimal sunlight while ensuring the panels don’t detract from your home’s curb appeal. 

Expert solar design of panels on rooftop

What to Expect During the Solar Design Process

Are you preparing for a solar installation and wondering what the process of going solar will look like? Here’s a look into our rooftop solar system design and installation process:

  1. Free consultation – We’ll sit down with you to discuss your energy needs, talk about your home’s solar viability, and answer any questions you have.
  2. Electric bill analysis – We’ll analyze the past 12 months of your electric bills to understand how much electricity your home consumes.
  3. Sizing – Our solar engineers use special solar PV system design software to accurately size your system.
  4. Proposal – We’ll send you a proposal that includes all the details about your new solar system.
  5. Site visit – After you’ve reviewed your proposal, we’ll conduct a site visit.
  6. Design and engineering – Our team will design and engineer your solar system.
  7. Installation – Our certified solar technicians will install your new solar system.

Element Electric is a full-service solar company in Dixon, California. We handle every step of the solar installation process for you, including permitting and grid interconnection. Our goal is to make the process of going solar as easy and stress-free as possible so you can just sit back and enjoy the benefits of solar for your Dixon, Davis, or Vacaville home. Right now, you can save 30% with the federal solar tax credit. So don’t wait—start your solar journey today with a free consultation!

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